This week:

Wednesday we’re taking a beach day with the boys. Friday we’re doing a sunrise Easter service where we get up and watch the sun come up and talk about Jesus and have pancakes. Caleb and Noah technically have this week off of home school for spring break, but we’re working through it to try and get ahead. They are taking a week in April to go back to the States, so that will be their spring break.

I got asked by MOH to do a short video asking Haitians what worship means to them, which I am super excited about. I’m going to get started on Tuesday night before church – my buddy Villarson is going to translate interviews for me, and I’ll get some shots of worship. I still need a computer to edit, so we’ll see how God works that part of it out. He is good; He will provide if this is His will.


Good morning

Good morning

from Haiti.

My focus lately has been on a couple things:
1. Trying to stay grounded in the Lord. Making sure to seek His face every day. Rejoicing in the hope of the glory of God, rejoicing in my sufferings which produce perseverance, character and hope.
2. Figuring out how to show Noah and Caleb how to write good papers. I have taken for granted all my knowledge on brainstorming and outline-making.. Trying to remember how I was taught back in the day.

Praying for:
1. Possible film ministry here at Mission of Hope. The money to get a computer to edit on. The financial support needed to commit to possibly another six months here.
2. The boys. I’ve taken on devotionals completely with them and it is my prayer that their faith would become their own. I pray for relationship with the Lord for them and spiritual understanding.
3. That Caleb would not be discouraged about school and that he might actually start to like it. That he would see what he can do through Christ, which is anything.
4. Strength and joy and peace in Jesus. A continual washing of my heart and mind and spirit in Him. Greater intimacy. Greater trust. Greater devotion.

Church & Interns.

Church on Sunday was rough. I went with a couple of the intern girls after a night of staying out at the Bercy campus, and shortly after we took our seats, a woman came in with her little toddler daughter and dropped her off to hang out with us. That’s pretty normal in Haiti, most of the little kids are off running around together without their parents. There’s a greater sense of community here; everyone contributes, everyone looks out for each other whether they’re people you are close with or not. This little girl comes over to me and sits on my lap. I think her name was Sasha. Some other little kid comes over and hands her a package of vanilla cookies and a bright green lollipop, which she devours every last crumb of. I notice that she has what was possibly ringworm on her head, a black eye and a giant glob of green snot coming out of her nose. It was one of those inner-turmoil moments where you’re like, “Oh no! I want to love on this sweet little kid, but to what extent?” How much concern for my own self will I give up to minister to this broken person? It’s in those moments that you realize that it’s not enough to just feel bad for them. It’s one thing to hear about this kind of stuff, but to actually have a little fearfully and wonderfully created soul sitting on your lap with all sorts of serious needs is another thing. This is the one shot this person has at life; they don’t get do-overs. You can’t just hit the “Restart” button on the console. It stirs up something in you. God invites you into His presence and gives you a glimpse into His own broken heart for each individual person here. He asks you, “Will you do something about it?” It was slightly overwhelming for the first time because I’ve mostly been in my own little bubble up in the classroom with North American students so far.

I also got the chance to help out the interns on Saturday during one of the busiest times of the week when all the groups come through, and we sort through all the luggage and donations. We have close to 250 people here this week, which makes for a long lunch line. The interns are just so awesome. I have a lot of appreciation for what they do. They are working sunrise to sunset most days with one day off a week. They wake up each day and have to put a smile on their face and care about each person that comes through this organization, which can take a lot out of you. These guys are learning probably one of the most important lessons out in the trenches each day, and that’s to not rely on our own strength or wisdom or power, let alone our own reserves of love or compassion. Try it for a week and you’ll find that you can’t. It’s impossible. You run on E after about 2 days. We try and do life in the States in our own strength and we have ourselves fooled that we’re strong enough to bear the weight of it all. We’ve learned here that we weren’t made to live that way in Haiti, and the take-away is that however much we think we’ve got it, we weren’t made to live that way in our comfortable lives back home, either. I admire the Interns and what God is doing in them. I was honored to serve alongside them this weekend. They’re a fun group of young adults. I think I’m going to start helping them out as much as I can.

Bercy Campus

Bercy Campus

Saturday night I stayed at our Bercy Campus, just a couple miles down the road. We have a kindergarten thru 5th grade school there, an agricultural center where we teach local farmers the science behind best practice for Haiti’s soil and crop. We are going to begin building a conference center soon to have pastors from villages all over to come and be encouraged and equipped, as well as a retirement home for the overly marginalized seniors in Haiti. The buildings in this photo are the guest houses for groups coming in to serve. I think it can hold close to 150 people.


I got asked to help lead the bible study with the 21 year old intern girls here. There’s five of them, and they are each so uniquely awesome. I am SO excited at this opportunity to disciple these girls and to help them process and work through what they face each day here. They have a hard job. What I do is like sitting on the beach with a smoothie in my hand compared to what they do. When I told her, my best friend Charity asked me “Are you nervous?” and thankfully I could say no. It’s cool to look back and see how the Lord has been preparing me for something like this over the past year. Am I equipped, full of enough love and patience and empathy and grace and wisdom for this? Nope, but Jesus is. He’s all I need and He’s all I’ll be pointing them to over the next few months.


The Bible says that the Creator of the Universe has deep sympathy and sorrow for those who are stricken, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate their suffering (Psalm 111:4).

The God who knows every star by name knows me completely, knows what has broken my heart and actually cares (though He has every reason not to – I haven’t cared about Him, I’ve taken every tragedy in my life and exchanged the love and comfort I could get from Him for the attractive yet empty powerless idols of this world, I’ve been hostile towards God and His people, I’ve been hungry for everything but Him). Even more so, He isn’t like us when our hearts may break for something but we don’t often, if ever, leave our comfort zone to actually do something about it. He did something about it. He fought for us, He continues to fight for us. He proved Himself and He didn’t just stop at the one time and say “That’s all the evidence you get.” – He continues to prove Himself to us even though He doesn’t have to.

I’m just reminded, humbled and in awe of the character of God.

Romans 5:6-8 You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous man, though for a good man someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

A serious photo.

A serious photo.

3rd row: Mike (Construction Project Facilitator), Nicki (Church Advancement), Kara-Lynn (Emotional Health Facilitator for Orphanage)
2nd row: Katie (Orphanage Activities Coordinator), Chelsea (Medical Coordinator), Elizabeth (Group Trip Coordinator), Tim (Church Advancement)
1st row: Me