Good morning

Good morning

from Haiti.

My focus lately has been on a couple things:
1. Trying to stay grounded in the Lord. Making sure to seek His face every day. Rejoicing in the hope of the glory of God, rejoicing in my sufferings which produce perseverance, character and hope.
2. Figuring out how to show Noah and Caleb how to write good papers. I have taken for granted all my knowledge on brainstorming and outline-making.. Trying to remember how I was taught back in the day.

Praying for:
1. Possible film ministry here at Mission of Hope. The money to get a computer to edit on. The financial support needed to commit to possibly another six months here.
2. The boys. I’ve taken on devotionals completely with them and it is my prayer that their faith would become their own. I pray for relationship with the Lord for them and spiritual understanding.
3. That Caleb would not be discouraged about school and that he might actually start to like it. That he would see what he can do through Christ, which is anything.
4. Strength and joy and peace in Jesus. A continual washing of my heart and mind and spirit in Him. Greater intimacy. Greater trust. Greater devotion.


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