Vita Lodge

Vita Lodge

A couple of the girls and I went to a little pool house in Port au Prince this past Saturday for our day off. Diana to the left, is the other teacher here, and Nicki, to the right, is in Church Advancement. The day consisted of lots of laughter, sun, good food and conversation. I am also burnt to a crisp.

Today, all of the State-side staff will be arriving to spend a couple days with everyone here “on the ground,” as we call it. As you can probably guess, the ocean between us can make us all feel a little disconnected despite technology’s best efforts. We’ve had a lot of new changes in leadership and structure of the organization to best deal with the massive growth and blessing Mission of Hope is seeing, so it’s a good chance for everyone to fellowship and get on the same page. We only have 5 volunteers here this week (as opposed to the fluctuation of between 80-250 people a week we’ve seen in the past month) so this week will be a little bit of a break.


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