Paid in two ways.


A big God moment for me was Monday when I was sitting at the guest house waiting around for the State Side Staff to arrive in country. Faby, one of our translators, had just gotten back with his North American volunteer group from a day of work, and he came over to chat with me. This was the first time we had officially met, though I already knew who he was from seeing him around and hearing a lot about him. I asked him how he liked his job, which he said he had for almost two months now. He replied with an “I love it.” He proceeded to tell me about how he was not a good person before he came to Mission of Hope, and how God had changed him so much since starting to work here. He said that God had opened his eyes, and was teaching him how to not be so selfish with what he has – his time, his resources and money, and with his love. He says that God, through Mission of Hope, has taught him how to really love people. He said that he has gotten paid in two ways, the first monetary, and the second in a way that can’t be counted. One thing he said that really showed me his heart was when he told me he’d be willing to translate whenever we need him even if it means no pay, because what he has received as a result is something you just can’t pay for. I was floored and humbled, to say the least. I really didn’t know what to say back. Faby was an amazing reminder to me of why we are down here doing what we are doing – the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to change someone’s life and to give them hope. It was also a challenge to live more consistently in the reckless abandonment of everything except loving my Maker and loving people, no matter what the cost. God keeps bringing up the theme of being “broken bread and poured out wine” for Him and His children, and I feel like I’ve grasped another little part of what that looks like.


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